About tinyprints Voice

At Tiny Prints, we believe that style is expressed in every gesture, every choice and every card sent. We are personal stationery stylists who promise exclusively designed collections, luxurious quality and an obsession with perfection in order to deliver a flawless customer experience.

Tiny Prints is the leading online cards and stationery boutique, offering stylish stationery for every occasion. Started by three friends with big dreams and a passion for beautiful paper, Tiny Prints has grown from a tiny self-funded company specializing in unique baby stationery to a booming online destination for stylish stationery for all occasions. Tiny Prints makes it easy for customers to transform life's joys into lasting impression and deepen personal connections with those who matter most.

Tiny Prints Voice is an invitation-only community where customers can share their thoughts, opinions and ideas about Tiny Prints. Members will have the opportunity to participate in polls, discussion boards, surveys and live discussions. In exchange for their participation, they will earn special perks, such as tips and inspiration, exclusive news, unique opportunities to interact with Tiny Prints employees, sweepstakes and more.